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Jet air ambulance chartering service is one of the fast and safe services of airway transportation. Plures distinguishes itself with its superior air ambulance chartering service quality in this field of aviation as well. Plures, offering services from its central office in Turkey considers every little detail for the comfort and convenience of its clients. The first aviation company that comes to mind when jet air ambulances are mentioned, Plures operates with an extensive corporate and technical background, a professional team that is at fulltime communication with health institutions. Plures always takes a healthier route in its jet air ambulance chartering services. Private jets provide great conveniences to patients by latest technology medical equipments and professional medical teams. Jet ambulances allow individuals to reach any point around the world in a fast and comfortable way.

What are the Advantages of Chartering a Jet Air Ambulance?

1. Fast and Safe transportation

2. Comfort

3. 24/7 Service

4. Medical team

5. Medical equipment (including intensive care unit)

Plures offers various different aviation services to its clients besides jet air ambulance chartering services. Air ambulances offer individuals extraordinary and unique performances especially in emergency conditions. Operating with a humanitarian philosophy, jet air ambulances provide an exclusive transportation for you and your patient. You can choose the most suitable option among jet air ambulance chartering services for yourself. The inner design and the equipments of the aircraft as well as the number of the health personnel attending the flight vary depending on the condition of the patient and the range of the flight. The jet air ambulances include intensive care units for emergency conditions in addition to an incubator for the risk of delivery. All the necessary medical equipments and devices are available in air ambulances. The interior design of the ambulance aircrafts are developed by taking every detail into consideration. Patients benefiting from this exclusive service healthily reach their destinations.

Jet Service for 24 Hours and 7 Days

Jet air ambulance chartering services have many pros when compared to the highway transportation. It provides many advantages for patients. The most vital advantage it offers is the speed it provides in special and emergency conditions. Jet ambulances serve health in an indispensable way by providing safe and fast patient transportations. There is no traffic for air ambulances. Patients are transferred to any point of the world in a very short while. Every air ambulance serves its client as an extensive hospital. Jet air ambulances provide a unique service for medical industry with both latest technology equipments and professional physicians. You may also prefer the best, the safest, the fastest, the most qualified and well equipped transportation for yourself or your patients with Plures jet air ambulance chartering services. Plures medical team provides 24/7 accessible service.


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