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Although seaway transportation comes to mind when heavy cargo transportation is first mentioned, Plures Air facilitates a fast and safe aircraft chartering service for heavy freighting. The utilization of aircrafts for heavy cargo transportation is very popular around the World, thanks to Plures Air, one of the leading companies of the field it is now becoming prevalent in Turkey as well.

Gain Time by Aircraft Chartering Service for Heavy Freighting

Transportation services, especially crucial for importing and exporting companies, are now no longer a problem for heavy and large-sized equipments as well. Conducting an aircraft charter, you can easily have an access to numerous services ranging from heavy freighting aircrafts that can be chosen according to the qualifications of the cargo to special packaging, obtaining necessary permissions and even following special procedures.

Make Use of Convenient Alternatives by Chartering

The experienced and qualified personnel of Plures Air offers you a special transportation plan that you can shape in accordance with your preferences with options of private heavy freighting aircrafts up to 120 tones such as Antonov 124. If you like you can have a more economic deal by consolidating chartering services with transportation process.

Do Not Lose Pace due to Heavy Cargos

You may reduce your problems with transportation to minimum by the individualistic service apprehension of private aircraft chartering services which allow you to fastly deliver your heavy cargos that normally seems troublesome. If requested, Plures Air can deliver your cargo to the airport as well as other following destinations easily by its transportation solutions. Not even one minute will be wasted in the coordinated process.

Leave the Economy to Us

Do not exaggerate the costs of aircraft chartering in your mind. Whether just utilizing cargo aircraft chartering services or combined transportation services, you can have the opportunity of benefiting from a qualified service for an affordable price by Plures Air special offers. You can convert the time you gain into cash by utilizing aircraft chartering services for heavy freighting and getting ahead of the game. Contact us in order to conduct private cargo aircraft chartering for your heavy and tonnage deliveries and benefit from the customer and solution oriented services and the individualistic service plans of Plures Air.


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The chartering assistants of Plures Air who provide 24/7 accessible service await you for a pleasant day in this beautiful city. Please contact us for more information and to benefit from Turkey private jet chartering service.

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